Sunday Open Match Winning Weights 7th April The Mallard Draw 11am, Start 12pm Finish 5pm

Sunday Open Match Winning Weights
On The Orfe
7TH April 2019

1st Place Peg No. 17 Dave Jones 55lb 6oz
2nd Place Peg No. 5 Bill Ward 49lb 11oz
3rd Place Peg No. 8 A Wood 48lb 14oz

Well done today, Many thanks for taking part in today’s Match 🙂

Brief details of our matches this week:

£12 Tuesday Open Match 9th April 2018, On The ORFE.
£13 Thursday Open Match, Thursday April 11th on The Mallard.
Silvers Saturday, Saturday 13th April on The Canal.
Sunday’s Open Match 14th April on The Orfe. Draw 11am, Start 12pm and Finish at 5pm